Can I use my music on YouTube?
Yes. You can use purchased music on any video streaming and social media platform. Places such as, Tik Tok, Niconico, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram.
Can music be used in school projects?
Yes, this includes distribution.
Can I use my music in an app I'm developing?
Can it be used in a game?
Can I use the music in a wedding DVD to distribute?
Yes, there is no additional fee.
Is it possible to request a high quality file (WAV)?
Yes. High quality files are sold 2,000 per song. (You can request through email.)
Can I use my music in videos and other creations?
Yes. (We really appreciate if you show the artist name and song title appears in the credits.)
Can I edit the song?
Yes. You can loop and make other edits.
Can I use the song as a sample in my own song composition?
Each song is allowed up to 16 seconds of sampling. High quality files can be ordered by email for 5,000 yen
Can I use my music in TV and radio broadcasting?
Yes. All songs are registered with NEXTONE. Please report the song title and artist to your corresponding company.
Can I use the song in commercials?
All songs can be used in WEB commercials and satellite broadcasting commercials. However, an additional 30,000 yen is required for commercials broadcasting through terrestrial television. (For terrestrial television purposes, we accept orders through email.)
Can I use my music at dance and music schools?
Can I use my music at cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, and shops?
Can I use my music in a company presentation?
Will I need to pay royalty to JASRAC when using my music?
No, all music is royalty-free.
How can I use public domain music?
Public domain music is free from rights. However, our music has a master licensing which can be purchased here on 250Music.
Is there a time limit or usage limit on a song that I buy?
There are no limits on purchased music. You are free to use the song as much as you like without paying an additional fee.
Can I edit my music to go with a video?
Yes. You are allowed to do edits such as looping, fade in, fade out, and cuts. Easy edits are allowed.
What is the difference between instrumental and karaoke?
Due to artist intentions it's difficult to separate however, fundamentally:
・Instrumental: music without vocals
・Karaoke: music with vocals removed (in some cases only the chorus may remain)
Do I need to give credit to the artist?
No, you do not have to give credit.
Is it possible to link to this site, 250music?

Yes. Please download this banner below.

250music YouTubeやSNS、イベントや舞台でも使える!著作権フリーの音楽素材が3000曲以上


Is it possible to request other music from the same artist?
Please send a separate inquiry under "Contact".