Terms of Service

250music provides copyright management. With permission of artists, music found through this site can be used for the following services.

How you can use our music for 250 yen

Streaming video services
YouTube, Niconico, etc.
Amazon Prime, hulu, NETFLIX, dTV, GYAO, and other pay to view services
Social Media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Theatre, musical, dance, etc.
Company seminars, exhibitions, promotion, presentations, school events, etc.
Film contest, school projects
Disk Contents
DVD, Blu-ray and other packaged goods, wedding ceremony, presentation, etc.
Game, Application
Software, game and application.
Music lesson, fitness club, etc.
Music Score
Use the score on the WEB.
Restaurant, shop, hospital lobby, fitness club, etc.
TV, Radio
TV/radio broadcast (provided that a broadcasting company number has been applied)
Satellite Broadcasting, commercial (excluding WEB)
Cover Song
Cover song in performances, recording, distribution, CD (free or for sale), etc.

Other Exceptions

  • Terrestrial broadcasted CMs: 1 song/30,000 yen for high quality files.
  • Samples (16 seconds): 1 song/5,000 yen for high quality files. However, we ask that you understand some samples may not include vocal parts.
  • Separate permission is required to use in government activities and adult content.

Not allowed

  • ・resell it as music contents.

Request for high quality files (WAV)

  • A separate fee of 2,000 yen is required for high quality files. Please send us an email for more information.